Holy Moments…Holy Ground

take-your-sandals-off-why.jpg.crop_display“Come no closer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.” (Exodus 3:5)

I consider my vocation to be the most amazing in the world.  Time and again I am reminded by just how special this calling as pastor truly is.  You get to enter into the truly holy moments of people’s lives.  Be it at a bedside of an ailing saint or the baptismal font with a two week-old baby- the wedding service of beloved partners or the funeral of one gone too soon- the dark-night-of-the-soul conversations with one who has lost their faith or the worship service where someone shares how God is moving them.  To name a few.  These moments are holy.  I thank God that daily I get to be part of these.  Sometimes however I probably miss the fact that indeed this work, this call, this vocation is so amazing and holy-filled because I refuse to slow down and see it for what it is.  Moses’ experience at the burning bush reminded me this morning that holiness and God are all around me.  And perhaps my sandals need to come off too.

 One of the folks that attends Advent always asks, “why doesn’t Jesus just show himself right now…it would be a lot easier to believe in him if he did.”  Great question I always say, but then I invite her to think about how maybe Christ does show himself in this world.  Here’s my hunch- God is indeed all around us and Jesus continues to be present in very real ways but we get so caught up in the rhythm of this hectic life that we often miss it.  Sure, it would be nice if there was a burning bush to wake us up- but maybe…just maybe…we need to be that bush for one another.  Perhaps we are the ones that need to remind those around us, those in our community, those we love that God is here- take off your sandals.

 Last night our family did something we have not done nearly enough.  After we finished dinner around our table I opened the Bible and we read a passage of scripture and then talked about it.  We then concluded with prayer- all of us giving thanks and asking for God’s hand in some things.  I am not proud to say that we have not been doing this before.  We should have been- but we didn’t and we are pledging now to make this a regular thing in our house.  Here’s what I know- last night, around that dinner table was a holy moment.  God was there.  God was there in my daughter’s assertion that God is always with us like he promised to be with Jacob in Genesis 28.  God was there in my son’s prayer of thanksgiving for his foot getting better and his questions about why Jacob wanted to use the rock he slept on as a special dedication to God.  God was there in my wife’s prayer for those she sees as a therapist that are hurting and needing love.  God was there.  It was holy.  Holy moments all around us.  Take off your shoes.

Check this song out by Joshua Davis…talks about how the holy is all around us.



About grimmja

Justin Grimm serves as the Director for Evangelical Mission and Assistant to the Bishop for Next Generation Ministries in the Saint Paul Area Synod of the ELCA. Before this call, he served as a pastor in Lake Ann Michigan at Advent Lutheran Church. After graduating from Luther Seminary in 2005, he was called to start a new congregation in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. After much prayer and thought with his wife, he accepted and the journey has been rich. The source of his life and his energy comes from his bride Anna and his two children Logan and Payton. At the core of who he is, Justin sees each day on this earth as a gift and tries hard (though failing often) to live that promise out. Contact can be made at pastorjustin.grimm@gmail.com
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